Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Monika was a go getter and got back to us when she said she would and we thought she did a very nice job on our end of the deal.

I chose Mark Schoenthaler of Allied Realty to sell a very distinct real estate offering, an authentic Maine sporting camp. I knew that while the property was both unique and beautiful, finding the right buyer would not be easy. Access was remote and largely seasonal. To further add to the challenge, the camps were not in operation at the time so selling them as a business was out of the question yet the property was almost too large for a single family.

What I appreciated most about working with Mark was his professionalism, his real estate experience and his familiarity with the area. Mark was always available for showings and I feel he took the time to know the listing almost as well as I did. Eventually, a buyer put in an offer and planned to reopen the camps as a business. Throughout the many times when paperwork seemed overwhelming, Mark guided me and kept me informed right down to the last minutes before the closing. I will certainly seek him out as my broker on my next real estate transaction.

Jesse Norris is the best. He certainly was helpfuld all along the way. He was there whenever I needed him or had a question, of which there were many. Please consider Jesse if you have a need, he will see you thru!

Monika recently help us with four real estate transactions, two sales, and two purchases in less than 8 months. She was a true professional throughout and gave us honest and helpful advice. She goes above and beyond keeping us infomred day and night every step of the way. I would highly recommend her to other sellers or buyers, she has been a pleasure to work with.

Monika was always pleasant with good humor and accommodating. Very easy to deal with. Very easy to get along with and most knowledgeable in the area of Real Estate.

Monika was terrific! Very knowledgeable and helpful! She did a fine job, found us a home in a short time. Good Job.

Jesse was excellent in preparing, very helpful and worked well with us.

Monika did a good job.

Exceptional Company and Sales Rep; Fred Godin, very hard working, they get the job done! A Plus would be my grade.

Monika did a great job. She was very helpful in the process of buying out new camp. We enjoyed working with her.

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