Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Tom did a wonderful job. Enjoyable to work with.
Having Allied Realty and especially Scott Learned as our realtor was truly a great experience. Just over 2 years ago, Scott helped us in finding and purchasing the perfect home in Canaan and since we were from out of state and looking for a home to relocated to Maine did not make it easy; and when it didn't work out for us in Maine, he was there again to assist us in selling our home. We have to say we had a great experience in both the buying and selling process because of Scott's unwavering diligence to get the results we needed. Thank you Scott and Allied Realty.

Jesse Norris was a big help in selling my dad's mobile home and land. My dad passed away.

He kept communication open, he would let us know of any interest in the property. He always answered out questions we had and always answered any of our calls to him promptly.

Very friendly, very knowledgeable about his field.

I was very pleased with how Monika helped me out. This wasn't very easy, but she stood by me and helped me out.
Scott was very knowledgeable and was a great help in getting our house.

Scott Learned has been a true pleasure to work with and very responsive to all our questions about the house we purchased.

It was a pleasure dealing with such a friendly professional.
Services provided by Jesse and Allied were done professionally and satisfactory.
I am very satisfied with doing business with Allied Realty and all the help from Monika.
I liked Kim right away...she was quiet but friendly and seemed interested in us and our situation. She remained "available" to us, even on weekends and got back to us quickly when I had questions. I felt she was sincerely committed to me and my family during the "ups and downs" of selling our home.
Very satisfied with the services provided. Thank you very much, Monika.
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