When Is the Best Time To Sell?

For Sale - Sold SignA lot of factors go into selling your home - it’s a huge deal! Think carefully before deciding to sell your home and consider the season you want to sell your home in. Reflect on if it’s the right time for you personally to sell your home. Moving is a big life decision. Once you do decide to sell your home, it will likely sell quickly and for top dollar in this hot seller’s market, so be prepared!


Traditionally, spring has been the best time to sell your home. Records show that more buyers than any other time of year tour and sign houses once the weather warms up. Families look to get settled in and move before the school year starts. The spring market starts earlier than you may expect, beginning at the end of February and ending around the end of April or early May. Buyers come out of their winter hibernation, so a good general rule of thumb is to sell during the spring season.


Pay attention to your local market. Here in Maine, sales don’t slow down as much in the summer months as they do in the winter. Maine summers are beautiful, so buyers are excited by the warm weather and coastal breeze. Look into the local conditions to know exactly when the best time to sell is.

COVID-19 Trends

The pandemic has certainly had an interesting effect on the real estate market. Buyers are cooped up at home and looking to expand. There has been a societal shift to living in more rural areas since many companies are now allowing remote work. This means in markets like Maine, homes are flying off the market! Some real estate experts have commented that the spring 2020 market never ended. There has been a soar in market activity that does not seem to be slowing down with all-time low interest rates in play. As folks return to the office there may be a shift back to seasonality but for now, there’s a shortage of inventory and homes are selling quickly.

Personal Considerations

Make sure to ask yourself why you really want to move. If you need a bigger or small space due to a change in family structure, that is a good reason to move Likewise, if you are no longer satisfied with your home’s location, it’s time to relocate. Moving can be emotional, so ensure you are emotionally prepared to part with your home. If all of the home renovations you have in mind are done, it’s time to sell. Finally, make sure you are financially prepared for any commission fees, closing costs, and moving expenses. 

More Questions?

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