Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Prepping your home is essential to get it to sell. No buyer is going to want to put an offer on a dirty, cluttered home, so neaten up so your home flies off the market!

Clean Up the Space

Modern kitchen with pink flowers on tableDeep clean your home to make it more appealing to buyers. Clean the bathroom, living room, bedrooms, closets, and any other room in sight! A spotless home will make a lasting impression on a buyer when they come to tour your house.

Depersonalize Your Home

This step may be tough for some sellers to handle. Depersonalizing your home can be difficult because of the memories engrained in the space. Look at depersonalizing as just starting your move early. Consider purchasing a storage unit and removing personal belongings and items that clutter the space. Moving your belongings is only a temporary tactic to get your home ready to sell, so don’t fret. Your personal items will be neatly arranged again once you move into your new home!

Adjust the Lighting

Add some new lightbulbs around your home to brighten up space. Buyers think of dark homes as sad and gloomy, so add some light to bring lively energy to your home. Open the curtains so the warm sunshine streams in through your windows and bringing a warm, friendly vibe to the house.

Make Minor Repairs 

Home repairs do not always make their money back in the sale. However, small repairs can add major home value. Paint a few rooms in your home, fix leaky faucets, and plant some new shrubs in the front yard. These small updates take a few days of your time and could potentially add thousands of dollars to your listing price.

Work With An Agent to Correctly Price Your Home

Pricing your home is a combination of art and science. Listing agents look at data to drive their decision, but ultimately use their skill and experience to craft a number that will fly off the market, while still getting you the most for your home.

Connect With a Stellar Listing Agent

Our listing agents know the market inside and out. At Allied Realty, we want to add measurable value to your real estate needs, desires, and knowledge during our committed relationship with you. We are passionate and knowledgeable about the Western and Central Maine communities. Contact Allied Realty today to get started selling your Maine home.